I’m motivated, capable and hardworking.

I’m teachable, and eager to learn and improve.

I want to be a valuable part of your team and am dedicated to achieving my goals, with excellence.


Student Highlights

Currently, I attend Lexington High School (in Lexington, South Carolina) as a sophomore.

  • Consistent A/B Student
  • Enrolled in Level 2 Honors Math & Science
  • GPA 3.44 (2022-23 school year)

Additional Courses

I pursue additional learning outside of my regular high school courses too. My main purpose in this is to broaden my professional knowledge base. I have completed the following courses:

  • Engineering of the Structures Around Us (EdX & Dartmouth University)
  • Ethics in Engineering (Coursera & University of Michigan)
  • Materials Science (Coursera & UC Davis)
  • An Introduction to Physics (Coursera & University of Virginia)
  • Creative Thinking Techniques (Coursera & Imperial College of London)

View Courses

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“Samuel was always on task, a team player and was respectful.”

Sean Smith – Broyhill Leadership Conference Counselor


Sports Summary

Involvement in sports has taught me much more than physical athleticism. It has helped me develop dedication, hard work, and self-discipline. These qualities help me overcome obstacles and set a good example for those around me. Sports has also shown me the importance of teamwork and encouraging those who work alongside me. I bring these lessons with me to every endeavor.

I grew up playing community baseball, wrestling, and running in competitive local races. By my last year of middle school, I chose to pursue wrestling exclusively. As a high school freshman, I was selected as a varsity wrestler and given my letter.

Varsity level sports (and lower levels) require countless hours of work. Our wrestling program involves daily practices in-season, as well as many tournaments and duals against other schools. We train multiple days per week, year-round.

Varsity Wrestling Accolades

  • 2nd Place – Fort Mill Tournament 2022
  • 2nd Place – Camden Tournament 2022

“Samuel is a tough wrestler and works hard.”

Bob Owens – LHS Head Wrestling Coach

Construction & Engineering

Vocational Summary

Some of my early memories include renovating our home with my father. I helped him run wires for electrical circuits, hang drywall, and install plumbing and flooring. I’ve grown up around the tools used for these jobs.

In addition, I’ve always had an affinity for buildings and machines, and have enjoyed exploring civil and mechanical engineering on any level.

So, in high school, I chose an engineering track in our technical program. As a freshman, I completed Introduction to Engineering and Mechanical Design courses. As a sophomore, I enrolled in the Building Construction 1 program. I plan to progress to Building Construction 2 as a junior, and then Project Management as a senior.

OSHA10 Credential

I’ve completed the OSHA10 Construction Safety course and earned my lifetime OSHA10 credential. This course helps me to identify and implement safe standards in construction, as well as avoiding and correcting unsafe practices.

Project Gallery

The gallery below shows a variety of projects I’ve worked on. Some were created for online courses or for fun. Others were part of my high school’s Building Construction curriculum.

“Samuel has a prmosing future in building.”

Bob Smith – LHS Engineering Teacher


Over the summers, I have been able to participate in several multi-day and week-long experiences.

Citizens Academy

Citizens’ Academy is a multi-day program, operated by the Lexington Police Department. It introduces local high school students to the inner workings of law enforcement agencies.

Broyhill Leadership Conference

BLC is run by Tomorrow’s America Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising up tomorrow’s leaders. The conference is an annual week-long retreat, held at various universities. Their lessons and activities focus on building relationships and becoming good leaders.

“Samuel was always on task, a team player and was respectful.”

Sean “Speedy” (Broyhill Leadership Conference)