This is a list of goals for 2021. As students bring me suggestions, this list will change. It’s best to bring your ideas to me in person at school. If that’s not possible, then just use the contact form button at the bottom of this page. If you elect me, then every time we achieve a goal, I’ll add it to the Success page for everybody to see.

Outside Lunch

Most students like eating outside. But why aren’t we allowed on the grass? We should be able to run around when we eat outside.


Why do we have to carry every book to every class? Some people have bags on wheels, because the books are so heavy. And what about a change of shoes for gym class? We should be able to use our lockers for these things.

School Lunch Options

You know the routine. Choose one: soggy chicken nuggets or plastic-y grilled cheese. This is a complicated issue, and involves a lot of planning, but a lot of students want better/healthier options for lunch. I support it.


I like Zaxby’s chicken, but not cold Zaxby’s chicken. Okay, I like that too, but I like it better when it’s hot. I want students to be able to use the microwaves again. “Make Lunch Hot Again.”

Hobby Clubs

Everybody has different interests. Wouldn’t it be awesome it there was a club for your interest? You could go there, maybe once a week during empower, and learn more, or work on projects, or whatever.

Water Fountains

This might be a tough one. It depends on federal Covid restrictions. A lot of students want to use the water fountains, though. So I want to pursue this issue unless somebody tells me that laws prevent it.

How long until summer?


Make the most of it!